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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lying Led to Suspensions by Dantonio

It was revealed earlier this week that eight more Spartan football players, including starters Mark Dell, B.J. Cunningham, and Chris L. Rucker, were at least present during the Rather Hall fight from November 22. All those involved have been suspended indefinitely, but may not have participated in any violent acts.

MSU Board of Trustees Chairman Joel Ferguson states that the players recently suspended, those that aren't Roderick Jenerette or Glenn Winston, were suspended for lying to Head Coach Mark Dantonio about their whereabouts when the beating occurred. Dantonio has simply stated that there was a "violation of team rules," but has not specifically stated what that violation was. Ferguson has also stated that the claim players were wearing ski was not true.

Either way, I do laud Dantonio for suspending those players for lying, but shouldn't they also be suspended for just standing by while Jenrette and Winston wailed on the victims? Ferguson is going a little too far by stating that "[t]hey told the coach they weren’t there. That’s what they’re suspended for. It’s nothing." It is something, Joel, when players watch their friends beat up someone, don't do anything, and then lie about it. I'm just not sure if keeping them from playing in a bowl game is enough of a punishment.

Any thoughts on this incident? Please comment!

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