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Friday, December 11, 2009

MSU Football: Twelve Total Suspended

I noted yesterday that Myles White was number eleven in the suspension total, but he was really number twelve apparently. White was hit with Minor in Possession and Urinating in Public charges, which stemmed from the Small Planet incident, the one all the other suspensions are tied to, on November 22. I know this list has gotten kind of confusing (I know I'm confused), so I'll try to simplify things with this list:

Those kicked off the team from the Nov. 22 Small Planet/Rather Hall incident:

1. Glenn Winston (RB)
2. Roderick Jenrette (S)

Those initially suspended from the Nov. 22 Small Planet/Rather Hall incident:

3. B.J. Cunningham (WR)
4. Mark Dell (WR)
5. Ashton Leggett (RB)
6. Chris L. Rucker (CB)
7. Fred Smith (WR)
8. Brynden Trawick (S)
9. Ishmyl Johnson (DT)
10. Jamiihr Williams (LB)

Those suspended from the Nov. 22 Small Planet/Rather Hall incident following arraignment:

11. Chris D. Rucker (WR)
12. J'Michael Deane (OT)
13. Donald Spencer (WR)

Those suspended for charges only from Small Planet unrelated to the Rather Hall incident:

14. Myles White (WR)

As you see, the total is fourteen, but I'm not counting Winston or Jenrette when I say there are "Twelve Total Suspended" as they've been let go from the roster. You'll also notice that "WR" pops up SIX times total in that list. This means that Blair White, Keyshawn Martin and the tight end corp will be carrying the load for the Spartans in the receiving game against Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl on January 2.

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