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Friday, December 4, 2009

Notre Dame Not Going Bowling

To quote Allen Iverson, "[h]ow silly is that?" If the multiple reports are true, like those from AOL Fanhouse and the Chicago Tribune, are true, and the players voted on whether to go to the bowl game, I CANNOT believe that they wouldn't go. You're telling me that the seniors on that Notre Dame team wouldn't want to go out one last time, put on the blue and gold, and end a career-ending four game losing streak? If Charlie Weis really recruited that many student-athletes that didn't have enough pride to play one last game as a member of the Fighting Irish, then he really never should've been hired.

I know that there are reasons program-wise for Notre Dame not to go, many pointed out by Brian Bennett on, but it's still crazy to me to turn this down. I'm sure many Irish fans pulled the "if we have to go to a crap bowl game, we're not gonna go at all" nonsense, but that doesn't fly with me. Play one last game, likely against a decent Central Michigan team, and try to get above .500 on the year. One positive, even if it would be a small one, out of a dismal season should be enough of a reason to head to Detroit or Mobile.

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